About SKGA Incorporated

SKGA Inc. - Sangam Kala Group Australia is an independent,incorporated not-for-profit association.

The objective of SKGA Inc. is to promote Indian Music, Dance, Drama and related cultural activities including films and Bollywood entertainment to people of all origins in multicultural Australia.

Through organising various festivals, musical concerts, educational film and music workshops SKGA aims at encouraging cross cultural awareness as well as foster intercultural relationships, community contributions, mutual respect, understanding and community unity.

The team at SKGA consists of liked-minded people who are keen on promoting India’s artistic and cultural traditions in Australia. Through its 18 regional chapters within Australia, SKGA aims to covering every major town within Australia.

The group recognizes that young talent in performing and creative arts is like an uncut diamond that needs the much required training, stage opportunity and recognition.

The growing popularity of fusion music both vocal and instrumental indicates that multiculturalism and globalisation are influencing tastes and creativity in music and films worldwide.

SKGA hopes to provide a suitable platform for those individuals who love to experiment with music and films, who want to explore new horizons across international boundaries.

Satrangi 7 Colors Film & Arts Festival

SATRANGI, Seven Colors, is an Indian, Australian & Multicultural festival of performing arts and creative arts which includes All Australian and multicultural Film, Fashion, Music, Dance, Instruments, Acting, Comedy, Drama Schools, Clubs and Community organizations to showcase their extraordinary talent to the public while encouraging the participation of the whole community in celebrating and valuing cultural diversity.

Satrangi festival is dedicated to our beloved patron Bollywood Filmmaker Late Shri Yash Raj Chopra, who left us heavenly abode in 2012. We are greatly inspired from Yash Ji, for his feature film "Chak De India" shot in melbourne, in which he has conveyed his soulful LOVE and patriotic message of showing the strength of uniting people of all cultures as one.

Satrangi 7 Colors festival incorporates the presentations of productions of all film makers, while recognizing their cast & crew and motivating them to promote the social, cultural and economic benefits of cultural diversity through their film and arts projects.

This festival also aims at strengthening Music, Film & Cultural ties of Victorian/Australian Film, Music& Arts industries with India and globally by recognizing the local talent and productions at this community platform.

It's Open to All Cultures, Origins, and Religions & Age Groups.


Sawan Spring Festival

Sawan Spring Festival, Springtime, is a Multicultural Music and Dance festival that aims to celebrate the Indian, Australian and multinational culture through the performing arts. The festival will feature local talent in the forms of singing, dancing, music, comedy, poetry and artistry.

The festival will present local performing artists from Music, Dance and Fashion background on a vibrant platform that will display a variety of cultures, from Indian to Australian to Chinese to African subcultures and many more.

In addition to the performances, the festival will feature local organisations that will serve and contribute to the community through delicious food and drink, and promotional stalls. 

This festival welcomes all Ages, Backgrounds and Cultures.

Spirit & Harmony Music Festival 2016

"Spirit & Harmony Music Festival 2016" is aOne-day event of Spiritual, Devotional, Classical, Popular Music & Instrumentals presentations.

Performers and artists from all faith, religions, origins and age groups in multicultural australia, are welcome to participate in it.

Community participants from diverse musical ethnic backgrounds, presents a mixture of traditional and modern spiritual sounds, to showcase their musical and instrumental talent.

Our Emblem

The emblem of Sangam Kala Group is deeply rooted in our country's rich cultural heritage. It is a design synergy of the 'S' in English and "I" in Devanagri, marking the first letter of 'Sangam Kala Group' in both languages.

Stands for 'Sangeet' - music, the promotion of which is the primary objective of the Group. The Group believes that music is the essence of life and without music, the world would come to a standstill.

Is the first 'sur' or 'swara', which forms the basis of music and without which the other notes of the octave cannot be conceived.

Stands for 'Sanskriti' - our culture, which is full of riches - both discovered and undiscovered.

Stands for "Sangam" - merger. The group promises a prestigious forum for the widely scattered budding talent of our country to come out from oblivion.

Stands for 'Saraswati', the Goddess of Music in Hindu mythology. Saraswati is also symbolic of the talent which gains recognition once it joins other rivers of 'Sangam'.

The emblem depicts a 'Hansa', the Indian water bird and also Goddess Saraswati's 'Vahana', whose very movement is as melodious as the notes of a musical rhyme.

The star in the emblem is symbolic of those talented artists, who though from a distance appear hazy, are brighter than our Sun when watched closely.

The emblem is a merger of a Sa and k, the alphabets of the scripts of two different languages, confirming the Group's belief that music knows no language barriers, Music alone, by itself, is the only universal language.