Satrangi 7 Colors Film & Arts Festival  

Thanks for your support to Sangam Kala group in Australia in the last ten years, and proudly we are celebrating this success introducing Satrangi.

SATRANGI, Seven Colors, is an Indian, Australian & Multicultural festival of performing and creative arts, aiming at strengthening Music, Film & Cultural ties of Victorian/Australian Film, Music & Arts industries with India and globally by recognizing the local talent and productions at this community platform.


This weekend event includes All Australian and multicultural Film, Fashion, Music, Dance, Instruments, Acting, Comedy, Drama Schools, Clubs and Community organizations to showcase their extraordinary talent to the public while encouraging the participation of the whole community in celebrating and valuing cultural diversity

This festival is dedicated to our beloved patron Late Shri Yash Raj Chopra ji, who left us heavenly abode in 2012. We are greatly inspired from Yash Ji, for his feature film "Chak De India" shot in melbourne, in which he has conveyed his soulful LOVE and patriotic message of showing the strength of uniting people of all cultures as one.

Satrangi festival include showcasing the productions of all film makers, while recognizing their cast & crew and motivating them to promote the social, cultural and economic benefits of cultural diversity through their film and arts projects

After representing Australia in Zee TV’s, Sa Re Ga Ma Pa world series 2004 in Dubai, In year 2006, I decided to travel to Mumbai to enhance my skills and training in Bollywood singing, Musical Composing, Events and Instruments, Film Management and Production, as there were very limited opportunities in Victorian/Australian Film & Music Industry due to my Indian multicultural background and only a few feature films made every year locally in comparison to Hollywood or Bollywood.

During my five years (2006-2010) of travel between Mumbai and Melbourne, I have gained experience in music and film productions in over a dozen feature films as an Executive and Line producer with Bollywood and regional film and music industries locally.

I have also learned the advance level of Indian Classical Music, Bollywood Singing, and Music Compositions and performances from very well-known music teachers and composers from Mumbai.

As a Music Producer, I have recently composed and released my own Bollywood Punjabi Music Album named “Khushiyan Hi Khushiyan”. Padamshree Anup Jalota Ji has blessed this album, singing one Spiritual Folk duet song, who himself is a legend in Indian music & film productions, producing over a dozen Hindi and many Bhojpuri films.

In 2013, I got an opportunity to attend State Govt. of Victoria’s, Super Trade Mission to India 2013 in which, NMFI, represented Victorian Film Industry in Film, Media, Music & Entertainment sector promoting Victoria as the best film production destination and developing film co-productions.

Now utilizing all my past experience along with the support of locals, our team have taken this initiative to gather Indian, Australian and Multicultural filmmakers and performers in Satrangi 7 Colors Film & Arts Festival to unite as one and work together.

On behalf of SKGA team I request you all to support our initiative and looking forward for your kind ongoing support.

Nawal Moudgil
Festival Director
10th July 2014

Message by Founder President, SKGA

As the Founding President I am delighted to introduce the Sangam Kala Group Australia (SKGA) to you, which has been established and based in Melbourne, with 18 chapters across the country.

I have had a long and more than a decade association with Sangam Kala Group India. I was first introduced to the group in early 1990’s when I participated in auditions for a movie song and ghazal in Delhi. Like every youngster who wants to become a singing star, I used to passionately look forward to the next school or university youth festival and competition organized by the Sangam Kala Group.

After immigrating to Australia in 1994, I always continued my association with the group. As an performer, presenter and organiser of local and international artists, I have presented, performed and associated with many international artists and performers like Ustad Zakir Hussain, Pandit Birju Maharaj, Ghulam Ali, Jagjit Singh, Anup Jalota, Peenaz Masani, Gurdas Mann, Hans Raj Hans, Sardool Sikandar, Sukhwinder, Sonu Nigam and many others.

Also I have my own musical group performing at various private and corporate functions and have attended seminars, conferences and concerts for Indian Classical Music and instruments here and abroad.

With all my experiences and contacts with people, I sometimes feel that there is an element that is missing when learning and presenting music and cultural activities here in Australia – missing is the connection of harmony with the inner soul, of spiritual sounds deep inside the voice, and lack of expressions and in the body language of the musicians and performers.

In Indian culture, it is believed that music is sourced from all things, i.e. there is Sur, Taal and Laya in India’s air, soil and water. There is a spiritual sound in the food, countryside living, holy rivers water flow, traditional costumes, prayers, blessings and love of gurus, elders, grandparents and memories of ancestors.

With today’s fast-tracking world and constant pressure lifestyle, there is a sense of hurriedness, pressure to perform and need for immediate recognition and rewards. I feel this is leading to young Indian artists becoming very talented electronically but weak spiritually, and missing the finer elements of indian music. This young generation has extensive desires and power to gain success but no patience to accept a fall or failure easily.

Hence, under the banner of SKGA, we are committed to link Australians with India for importing and exchanging traditional Indian Music and attracting Bollywood musicians to fill up this vacuum, give us musical knowledge, and entertaining us all in the process.

Specifically our objectives are to:

1. introduce and exchange traditional Indian and Bollywood Music and Bollywood stars to people for all origins in multicultural Australia
2. run workshops to educate local participants and talent by music teachers from India and creating opportunities for local students to go and learn music in India.
3. Providing a platform that local talent can be promoted through shows and concerts in Australia.
4. organize an annual Surtarang Talent Quest Concert, to search for talented Australian finalists to participate in the All India National Surtarang Concert held in India each year. This will provide talented individuals exposure and a platform and gateway to the bollywood music industry
5. Actively engage our members in the promotion the above objectives, whilst having fun.Actively engage our members in the promotion the above objectives, whilst having fun.

SKGA is committed to achieve these goals under the blessing of honourable patrons Late B.R.Chopra, Dr Yash Chopra, Pandit Rajan and Sajan Mishra and Mr. VSK Sood, National President, Sangam Kala Group-India.

I congratulate my team of SKGA and offer my best wishes and sincerest support to the entire teams of Sangam Kala Group in India and Australia.

And I welcome you to our group in Australia.

Nawal Moudgil
Founding President
September 2006.